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School Information


Punggol Green Primary School is a newly built school that serves the Punggol West community in 2013. It is located at 98 Punggol Walk, next to Punggol Sapphire and Punggol Ripples. The school is built under the new norms to support the Primary Education Review & Implementation (PERI) Committee’s recommendations to enhance primary school education.


Punggol Green Primary School begins its operations in 2013 under the leadership of Mrs. Seah Lay Tin, former principal of Ang Mo Kio Primary School. Mrs. Seah firmly believes in providing our children with strong fundamentals to prepare them for the future. She also places strong emphasis on the development of lifeskills, dispositions and values in developing our children. 


Basic Information

School Name (English) Punggol Green Primary School
School Name (Mandarin) 培林小学
School Name (Malay) Sekolah Rendah Punggol Green
School Name (Tamil) பொங்கோல் கிரீன் தொடக்கப்பள்ளி
School Address 98 Punggol Walk S(828772)
Cluster East 1
Principal Mrs Seah Lay Tin
Vice-Principal Mr Goh Chang Chuen





School Curriculum Time


Curriculum Time 7.40 am – 1.50 pm
Reporting Time 7.20 am (for silent reading)

Primary 1 Recess Time


Primary 2 & 3 Recess Time

9.40 – 10.10 am


10.10 – 10.40 am